eNHa Trip – Tour around Nowa Huta with local Foundation

Looking for things to do in Krakow?

You already saw Main Square, Wawel Castle, Kazimierz, Wieliczka salt mine and Auschwitz?

What more can you see around a Krakow?

We have an answer ! The Nowa Huta adventure is waiting for you!

Take a part in a tour with local guide at “eNHa Trip” tours project organised by Foundation of Positive Promotion of Nowa Huta!

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We offer:

* local English, Russian, Dutch speaking guides*

* complete flexibility – tell us what you want to see

* good company and an unforgettable experience.

*Ask about your language availability and we will find a volounteer who speaks it! (on request French, German, Spanish, Italian)

Click to see historical photos of Nowa HutaClick to see historical photos of Nowa Huta

Do you want to visit Nowa Huta? Would you like to see this place but worried that without a guide you miss a lot of interesting places? Nowa Huta tour with the Foundation for the Promotion of Nowa Huta is your solution! Our volunteers will take you on the journey through the Nowa Huta – place with  interesting and quite recent history.

eNHa Trip – Tour Info – what it is about?

Nowa Huta

….often called “the younger sister of Krakow”, is a district built by the communist authorities of the Polish People’s Republic in the 1949. It is a complete contrast to the old city of Krakow which has been for centuries the cultural, religious and scientific centre of Poland. Nowa Huta, is the only place in Krakow where you can really feel the soul of the socialist era.

What can you expect?

Our guides – volounteers of our Foundation – they will pick you up from your hotel location in Krakow, then take you with an genuine Fiat 126 on a tour to Nowa Huta. With your private guide you will get to know Nowa Huta much better and receive personalized attention.

Capture the bohemian spirit of this district on a private 3-hour tour in a vintage Fiat 126p, get an interesting lesson about the history of Nowa Huta and see typical examples of Socialist Realist architecture aboard a Communist-era car. Walk through Rose Alley, or take a cup of coffee at “Stylowa”, the famous local restaurant. Make your entrance to former Administrative Buildings of Steel Works which are halfly abandoned today.  Take a rest in a cafe watching a propaganda movie about the construction of the city, while enjoying the traditional polish dinner most associated with the communist era. These and many more sights are available on the standard programe of a tour.

What type of cars we use?

You can tour accompanied by knowledgeable locals keen to share their local knowledge and love of their city. And you can do all this using the perfect car for the period. Our genuine Polski Fiat 126p or “maluch” will take you to the heart of the socialist city of Poland. In some cases when there is more people on the tour we also ride a bigger cars. Fiat 125 or typicall polish lorry of that time – Nysa or Żuk
For those who prefer to sightseeing a city in more comfortable not-communism way, we also offer a ride in more modern car. These are just few examples– but we will tailor the tour to your wishes.

These tours are organized by the Foundation of Positive Promotion of Nowa Huta District.

Dates and tours are arranged with you on a personal basis – but we have some suggestions for trips which are popular.
Standard trips with an English-speaking guide are available for a minimum donation of 130zł (30€). Note that food, drink and museum tickets are to be paid for in addition.

Private Tour Price

The tour price is 130 PLN per person
You can pay it by cash or with PayPal biuro@fundacjanh.org

A trip takes about 3 to 4 hours
To book, just contact us by e-mail
or send a message on:
+48 791-605-879 – contact is possible also with WhatsApp

After prior contact by phone or mail we pick up visitors from any hotel or hostel in Krakow – all included in the tour price!

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Special Group Offer

You have a big company with you? Don’t you worry!
We have many of Fiat 126p available. If you will write to us in advance we can organise a tour on few of them.
Even if you don’t wish to take few Fiat cars, you can still visit Nowa Huta with us by bus!
Just ask in e-mail about our availability for a group tour and we will send you an offer. Remember to mention how many people would like to go and what day you like to book a tour.


Itinerary for a “Standard” trip

  • Central Square and a walk through Roses Avenue where the biggest statue of Lenin used to stand. Admire the grand architecture of Socialist Realism in the heart of the town. Stories about the urban layout of a city and explaining the history of it’s construction.
  • A walk through the district sectors and look out for the shelters built as preparation for cold war era.
  • The gates of Nowa Huta steelworks, and the impressive administration buildings, together with the famous sign “Huta im. T. Sendzimira”, altered after the fall of communism. Learn about the history of Kombinat – the huge steel factory which was the reason for the creation of the new city.
  • Post office square – the centre of the city and also the first part of Nowa Huta to be built.
  • The famous crucifix which residents fought to keep when the authorities wanted to remove it in 1960.
  • “C2 południe Cafe”, where you can watch a 1950s propaganda film, “Destination – Nowa Huta”.
  • The People’s theatre and a chance to take pictures with a polish IS2 tank, which took part in real battles on the eastern front of WWII .
  •  The “Ark” Church of Our Lady Queen of Poland, which was the first church built in Nowa Huta after a campaign by local people – the original communist town had no churches at all. It later became a symbol and a location of the battle against socialist rule.

Additional options for your tour:

• A visit to a milk bar or steelworks canteen with the opportunity to try some Polish typical cousine of the communist era. (25PLN /person for exclusive degustation)

• Descend into one of Nowa Huta’s cold war shelter in Museum located in former Cinema. (closed at monday’s, Entrance ticket 9PLN, Guiding inside included).

• Visit a genuine apartment in style of 50′ era to get familiar with everyday life of Nowa Huta people. Enjoy traditional Polish food and drinks in a private apartment (25PLN/ person, ask if available).

• A visit in an Art Museum of local Nowa Huta artist with oportunity to see arts from beggining of Nowa Huta history.  (10PLN/person)

In case of good weather we also recommend:

  • The Mogila Abbey from 13th century , including a visit to the little church of Saint Barthélemy
  • Walk to Wanda’s mound, built in the 7th century.  One of the four existing mounds in Krakow, it is associated with the legend of Queen Wanda.

Some reviews of our dear tourists:

   “During my visit to Krakow, a friend and I decided to head out to Nova Huta, which was built after the Second World War, about 10 kilometers away from the old center of Krakow by the Soviets as a communistic alternative to the old Krakow center. We met Mateusz in the tram on our way to Nova Huta and he offered to show us around, because it was a Sunday afternoon and he had some spare time. He drove us in his awesome old car and showed us all the incredibly interesting highlights of this relatively unknown part of Krakow. His enthusiasm, positive energy and passion for history and for Nova Huta are incredible. Mateusz was born and raised in Nova Huta, which is evidenced by his extensive knowledge of the city. I can very highly recommend a tour with him, it’s so worth your money and time, it provides a unique insight into communistic times, culture and architecture.”  
~ Steven Gardner / Berlin.
   “Taking a tour around Nowa Huta with ENHA trip was a rather spontaneous decision on our part but turned out to be an excellent choice. Our guide, Mateusz, proved to be full of enthusiasm and affection for the district. Being a born resident of Nowa Huta, he really seems to know the area inside-out.
   We travelled around in an authentic Maluch car, which was quite an experience and added to the unique feeling pervading the whole trip from the Avenue of Roses to the famous steel plant. Nowa Huta revealed itself to us as a breathtaking architectural project drawn up to be a showpiece of the communist regime’s might. The tour provided us with a deep insight into the history and ideology behind what was designed to be a communist paradise. The main story was sprinkled with anecdotes, fun-facts and personal family reminiscences, which made the whole trip so much more enjoyable!
   The guide is most willing to make the tour work out for you and adjust the program according to your preferences, but you definitely should not miss out on the Stalinist propaganda clip in a communist-style cafe followed by coffee and cake :)”
~ Krysia / Krakow.
  We took a trip with the eNHa people, who are locals trying to convince tourists and other Poles that Nowa Huta has history and interest of its own. They can take you there in a Fiat 126 – the dream car of the inhabitants of the area in communist days.
  We weren’t able to visit the museum in the evening, so were very grateful for such a knowledgable guide. I was impressed that they’re not trying to see NH in an ironic ‘how awful were the communists’ way, but instead celebrating the idealism and quality architecture of the time while making it clear that society was very differently organised at that time. (It’s easy to forget that in Britain at that point we were buiding prefabs…)
  In retrospect it would have better to go during the day, when more is available to see, and it would have been nice to see inside one of the apartments, especially if there are any in original condition. It’s sad that it’s impossible to see any of the steelworks itself – I would imagine that this would be a big draw in itself if it could be organised.
It’s a perfect foil to a visit to historic Krakow, so despite the cynicism of many Poles I defintely recommend this.
~ Roger / London.
It was a pleasure for us to have the opportunity to learn about idealistic communist project in Nowa Huta. Mateusz was a great guide, native from Nowa Huta, highly knowledgeable and eager to present the story of the place to us in the best possible manner and in the most authentic vehicle. Thanks a lot, Mateusz and highly recommended!
~ Mojca / Ljubljana.

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